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Corrugated Box

Corrugated packaging boxes offer excellent sustainability for products demanding added protection and cushioning. As a packaging supplier committed to innovation and in-house automation, we have the capability to tailor the packaging shape to your precise requirements. This meticulous customization not only ensures product safety but also safeguards against counterfeiting and forgery, setting our corrugated boxes apart from industry standards. Moreover, our sustainable approach is reinforced by FSC certification, making our packaging an eco-friendly choice.

Where Versatility Meets Sustainability 

Discover the green revolution in packaging with PT Print’s corrugated packaging box—a sustainable choice that resonates with both brand owners and the environment.

Similar to kraft or cardboard box packaging, corrugated box packaging also plays a vital role in promoting a circular and sustainable economy. These materials are sourced responsibly, contributing to a more eco-friendly approach in the packaging industry.

PT Print elevates corrugated packaging with versatile customization options in line with your unique brand identity. Choose PT Print as your corrugated box supplier—a reliable partner in sustainable packaging solutions in Malaysia.

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Key Features and Benefits

Corrugated layers

Provide extra strength and support


Variable in shapes and thickness

Easily Customisable

Personalised designs and finishings

100% Recyclable


Corrugated Box Packaging Sample

Known for its sustainable qualities & great protection, corrugated box packaging ensures the product condition throughout the shipment process.

Recommended for

Food & Beverage

Our corrugated packaging boxes aren’t just robust; they serve as a blank canvas to showcase your brand’s distinctive personality. When you choose PT Print as your supplier, you unlock a world of limitless customization possibilities for your food and beverage products, providing both reliability and a touch of aesthetic allure.


Elevate the allure of your cosmetic products with PT Print’s printed corrugated box. Customise your packaging with intricate designs and vibrant colours so that they represent your brand and stand out among your competitors.

Electronic Products

Customize flute direction, board grades, and inner support to ensure your electronic products are securely packaged for transit.

Home & Personal Care

PT Print’s attention to detail in customization ensures that your Home & Personal Care products are not only safeguarded but stand out among the rest.

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

Customised to the smallest detail, get the reliability needed for the safe transit of sensitive medical products, ensuring integrity from production to the hands of end-users.

Partner with PT Print for a more sustainable choice in packaging. Enquire with us here.

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