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Kraft Box

Our kraft box is easy to work with, fully recyclable and reusable while allowing for flexibility in creative design. Get custom cardboard packaging and choose your shape or add additional features to bring out the best in your product.

Uncompromisingly Eco-Friendly Packaging

At PT Print, our commitment to eco-conscious packaging extends beyond material choice. Opting for cardboard, especially our environmentally-friendly kraft box, not only aligns your brand with responsible practices but also minimises environmental impact and carbon footprint.

PT Print is a dedicated kraft box supplier that ensures your packaging solution is not just about aesthetics and strength but also about making a positive impact on the environment. Certified by FSC CoC and ISO 14001:2015-compliant, our efficiency in using resources ensures that we do our part in keeping the environment safe. Make an eco-friendly choice with PTPrint.

Key Features and Benefits


Easily tailor-made in variety of ways

Additional features

Provides window patching and smart locking

Visually Pleasing Qualities


100% Recyclable


Get endless possibilities for design with our quality art card packaging.

Made with quality art card materials without predefined structures. Cardboard packaging is simple to work with, for all kinds of creative possibilities.

Recommended for

Food & Beverage

Package your culinary delights with PT Print’s eco-friendly kraft box options. Lower carbon footprint and do your part in reducing pollution of the environment.


Transform cosmetic presentations with PT Print as your paper box supplier. We promise customizable options that will redefine the aesthetic of skincare and cosmetic sets.

Electronic Products

Secure electronic innovations with PT Print’s eco-friendly cardboard boxes. Align brand protection with environmental responsibility.

Home & Personal Care

Boost the attractiveness of your Home & Personal Care products using PT Print’s personalized cardboard boxes, including stylish kraft selections, and enhance your brand’s presence on the shelf with a focus on sustainability.

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

Kraft boxes can also be used for pharmaceutical and healthcare products that require sturdy, reliable packaging. 

Partner with PT Print for a more sustainable choice in packaging. Enquire with us here.

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