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Metallic Packaging

Accentuate the sleekness and eccentricity of your product through lustrous, metallic polymer film packaging with attractive designs that bring aesthetics to the next level. As an expert metalised cosmetic packaging supplier, we offer a wide range of customizable features such as gloss or matte finishings, spot UV, hot stamping and embossing or debossing. Boost the appeal of your electronics, cosmetics or any other product with glossy packaging.

Extreme Visual Appeal

Our metallised films redefine cosmetic packaging. Recommended for cosmetics especially, our films seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality.


Aside from that, we have sustainable options for companies that are conscious about the environment. If you need packaging that fits your brand values about protecting the environment, we offer recyclable foil made from sustainable materials.

Choose PT Print for cosmetic box packaging that showcases style and substance.

Key Features and Benefits

Easily Customisable

Personalised designs and finishings



Sustainable Foil

Optional features

Metalized Box Packaging

Made with quality metallic-coated polymer film, metallic packaging captures attention with its lustrous metallic appearance.

Recommended for

Food & Beverage

Protect your products effectively using PT Print’s polymer film packaging that combines protection, functionality and aesthetics. In addition to our pulp mold packaging, our innovative metallic polymer packaging ensures the preservation of delicate treats, ensuring both visual appeal and product freshness, all while being recyclable.


Our advanced protective features guarantee the extended lifespan of skincare sets and perfumes, while our cosmetic packaging boxes add an extra touch of sophistication, including the coveted foil effect that many cosmetic brands appreciate, now available in a sustainable option.

Electronic Products

Protect your electronic products from environmental factors, preserving their quality and integrity. Our metallic packaging not only ensures security but also enhances the visual appeal, particularly suitable for delicate items. Elevate your electronic packaging with a sustainable option that incorporates a foil touch for added elegance.

Home & Personal Care

Our customizable options will keep external pollutants away while making sure they stand out on the shelf. 

Sustainable cosmetic packaging boxes for eco-conscious brands. Enquire with us here.

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