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Blister Card

Have your product sitting in glorious, full display on a store shelf, with total protection and sterility. Blister card packaging is designed to maintain high product visibility and deliver powerful shelf impact, with an entirely transparent front made of APET thermoforming plastic and backing made out of paperboard to achieve the aesthetic that suits your product best.

Precise Protection With Custom Blister Packaging

As expert blister packaging suppliers for decades, we have dedicated time and effort towards innovating secure and hygienic packaging solutions for sensitive products. PT Print’s blister pack packaging fits the quality standards for consumer goods, and pharmaceutical essentials.

Our blister packs marry shelf-life preservation with resilience & reliability. As your entrusted blister packaging suppliers, we fortify your products against humidity, contamination.

Experience uncompromising PT Print blister pack packaging—compact, tailored, and dedicated to serious protection while providing opportunities for visual customization and brand identity. 

Key Features and Benefits

High Visibility

Visually appealing

Easily Customisable

Personalised designs and finishings


May be customized to product shape


Reduce carbon footprint

Super Glue Blister Packaging

Pairing quality paperboard with APET & PVC, blister pack packaging keeps the product secured and maintains high product visibility.

Recommended for


Enhance your beauty essentials with our precision blister packaging, providing compact and tailored protection.

Electronic Products

Defend electronic components during transit with our blister packaging, a sturdy shield against environmental factors.

Home & Personal Care

From soaps to lotions, our blister packaging stands guard, enhancing shelf appeal and ensuring product integrity.

PT Print offers secure packaging without compromising safety or sustainability. Enquire with us here.

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