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Flexible Foil

Flexible foil packaging safeguards lightweight, perishable items, enhancing their integrity and shelf life. It exhibits excellent resistance to temperature fluctuations, thanks to its impressive thermal stability. This packaging solution provides unparalleled protection against gases, moisture, and volatile compounds, making it a reliable choice for preserving a wide range of products.

With PT Print Australia as your flexible packaging supplier, customize your end product with various finishing options and adaptable formats, including adding a spout, shape, a flat bottom, or 3- or 4-sided seals. 

We also offer sustainable options using mono-materials, all for the purpose of a greener environment.

A blend of robustness, compact design, and sustainability makes it a versatile and eco-friendly solution. Get the all-in-one benefits of PT Print’s flexible foil packaging—a reliable and sustainable packaging option.


Flexible foil packaging is the perfect option for lightweight, perishable products that require secure packaging for a prolonged shelf-life.

This temperature resistant packaging is thermally stable and offers complete protection from gases, moisture and volatile compounds. It also comes with customizable finishing options and versatile formats, such as with or without a spout, shape pouches, flat bottoms, or with 3 or 4 sided seals. It’s robust, compact and recyclable – all in one.

roll sample


This packaging comes in roll form and is highly suited towards goods that go through the process of automation packaging with single lane and multilane machinery.

Tailored to be strong and temperature resistant, it can exceptionally withstand varied thermal and speed conditions without risking leakage. Furthermore, it offers the flexibility to conveniently cut and file down to your own specifications, as well as to customise with text or graphics to fit your needs.

Key Features and Benefits

Temperature Resistant

Thermally stable

Prolongs Shelf Life

Prevents product contamination

Easily Customisable

Personalised structures, designs and finishings

Sustainable & Recyclable

Easy retrieval into value streams

Undeniable Freshness

A true game-changer that adds undeniable value. It transforms the marketability of both food and non-food items.

We harness the latest advancements, crafting lightweight solutions that don’t just protect but also enhance shelf appeal, fortify product integrity, and ensure an impeccable seal to extend shelf life and product usability. 

Collaborate with PT Print Australia, your trusted source for flexible packaging, and embark on a journey where your perishable goods enjoy extended longevity and freshness.

Flexible Packaging Solutions Australia
Custom-crafted to perfectly fit your product while providing the highest level of security and protection.

Recommended for

Pet Food

A flexible pouch packaging protects against external elements, preserving the freshness and quality of pet food products.

Frozen Food

Maintain the integrity of frozen food with temperature-resistant packaging properties. Ideal choice for products that require extended shelf life in freezing conditions.

Dry & Snack Food

Seal in the flavour and freshness of dry and snack foods with our flexible pouches with optimal protection against moisture, keeping your products fresh.

Wet Food & Sauces

For wet food and sauces, flexible packaging provides a leak-proof and secure solution. 


Lightweight and flexible packaging that stands up to the challenges of liquid products while maintaining freshness.

Household & Toiletries

Extend the same level of protection to household and toiletry products. Our flexible packaging safeguards these items against environmental factors.

Skin Care

Customizable options and protective properties make it an ideal choice for packaging various skincare products securely.

Embrace the versatility of flexible foil, where form meets function, and quality meets innovation. Enquire here.

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